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Topics to choose :

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How to Qualify for the Scholarship

  • To be eligible, you should be a student at any university or college. Ideally, you should be at least 18 years of age. However, you might still qualify if you do not meet the age requirement as long as you get a parental consent.
  • Knowledge on writing detailed reviews on products under any of the categories listed above is required, You must have sufficient knowledge and expertise on writing a product buying guide.. Experience on using any of the products to be reviewed is a plus since this allows you to share more credible information on the website.

Application Process

After confirming that you are an eligible candidate, then it is time that you start the application. Having knowledge on writing customer review and buying guides is necessary but other factors also come into play. Your passion in helping website readers and visitors to become Enlightened about the topic . You must also be familiar with some computer technology since you will be using this to accomplish your writing assignments. Also, the guidelines you will have to comply to may vary per assignment.


Students need to submit a piece of article that makes them proud upto 2000 words. This can be any type of submission including Topics Given above or a decent content matching the theme of ElReviews website.

Submission Deadline

The yearly deadline for submission is Dec 20th and the winner will be selected by 31st. The winner will be contacted by End of December. The winner must reply within two weeks or a new winner will be selected. We are offering $1000 as a scholarship to a selected winner.

Final steps

Send in your application requirements to scholarship@elreviews.com including few words which can describe yourself. To prevent any delays on your application, make sure that you provide the correct details.